Lisa Fischer, MA, C.L.C, Mental Health Coach, RYT

Lisa is a professional, certified Life and Mental Health Coach. She is committed to empowering you to uncover and use your wisdom and self-inquiry to navigate uncertainty, develop goals and strategies to find meaning and purpose in your life. Lisa has 20+ years practicing as a coach working with diverse populations seeking help with daily stressors in work or life. Her approach integrates mindfulness explorations, empathic listening skills, and compassionate communication for results-oriented outcomes. These outcomes are achieved by exploring your self-awareness, clarifying your values, identifying and connecting to your inherent strengths, and shifting your perspectives. She has worked with individuals who have experienced mild to moderate anxiety, depression, and PTSD and is a psychedelic guide aiding those on their journey’s. Lisa supports clients by co-creating lasting strategies focused on achieving goals with resilience. Lisa also teaches yoga and loves to blend in principles, philosophy and practices with her clients.

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