If you are unable to keep your appointment or anticipate being late,
please call (415) 675-1335


  • DOCUMENTS: Complete, sign and submit all consents and other forms that have been sent to you electronically.

  • FOOD & DRINK: NOTHING to eat or drink for 6 hours prior to scheduled infusion. If you eat/drink, your procedure will be cancelled. You can have clear liquids up until 2 hours prior to your infusion.  This means that water is okay up until 2 hours before your infusion.  Black coffee is okay, Gatorade is okay.... but no cream in your coffee, no milk, no juice with pulp.

  • ALCOHOL: No alcohol or smoking 24 hours prior to your infusion.

  • MEDICATIONS: Do NOT take any of the following on the morning of your treatment: stimulants (adderall), sedative-hypnotics (ambien), or narcotics (oxycodone). Anecdotal reports and some studies point to a decrease in ketamine's action when used in combination with benzodiazepines (versed, valium, ativan, xanax, etc). However, benzodiazepine weaning is a long, complicated process, and the benefits of psychedelic therapy can still be realized while taking benzodiazepines. At CIT Clinics, we instruct our patients to attempt to take fewer prn (per needed) doses or benzos on the day of treatment. Contact your provider if you have questions regarding which medications you may take.

  • Notify your provider if you experience any changes in your physical condition (fever, accidents, falls, chills, productive cough, flulike symptoms, etc.)

On Day of Infusion

  • LOCATION: Your treatment will take place at one of our clinics. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time so we can check you in and begin on time.
  • DOCUMENTS: Bring your photo ID, form of payment, and any additional paperwork requested.
  • RIDE/TRANSPORATION: ALL patients are required to have an escort – a responsible adult to escort you out from the clinic. If you do not have an escort, your procedure will be cancelled. 
  • OPTIONAL: We play music curated for psychedelic experiences but you are welcome to bring your own music as well. We recommend music without words, headphones/earbuds, and an eye mask to use during the infusion.


  • DRIVING: Do NOT drive a car, operate hazardous equipment, or engage in hazardous activities for 24 hours after each infusion, as reflexes maybe be slow or impaired.
  • ALCOHOL: No alcohol for 48 hours after your infusion.
  • MEDICATIONS: Continue prescribed medication as usual, EXCEPT benzodiazepines, which should be avoided for at least two hours post-infusion. Report any medication changes to your provider immediately.
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