90 - Guided Psychedelic Sessions

Guided Psychedelic Sessions

Safety. Support. Insights.

Safety. Support. Insights.

Guided Psychedelic Sessions

Why Psychedelic Guiding?

Psychedelic medicines and their ability to induce ‘non-ordinary states of consciousness’ is profound and powerful.

They can also be unpredictable and therefore should be treated with respect and caution. Your physical and emotional safety are central to all of our treatments. Our sessions are guided (unless you wish to be alone and we have determined the appropriate dose that is safe for you). Our Psychedelic Guides have extensive experience working with Ketamine and other psychedelics in both a personal and professional capacity. In addition to their professional certifications/credentials such as psychotherapy, nursing, social work, coaching, etc. our guides have received training from organizations such as MAPS, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), Polaris Insight Center.


What is Psychedelic Guiding?

Guiding can take many forms, including:

  • Sitting quietly with you and simply “holding space” throughout your session.
  • Checking in with you to ensure you are feeling comfortable and safe.
  • Checking in with you to ensure your Ketamine dosing is appropriate.
  • Answering questions you may have during your journey.
  • Providing pointers and tips about how to make the most of your infusion experience.

Your guide is there to support you with your physical, emotional and spiritual needs throughout your session. Our non-directive approach emphasizes invitation rather than direction, and is informed by empathy, compassion and presence to support the unfolding of your own experience and your brain and body’s innate capacity to heal.


How Does it Work?

1. A Room of Your Own

We ensure you have what you need in your room to relax and feel comfortable. Blankets, pillows, eye mask, music selection, light show... We customize the room just for you.

2. Safety

Your physical and emotional safety come first You want the maximum benefit from your session. That means feeling safe enough to relax and surrender to the experience.

3. Mindset

We want you to be sure you are ready to start your journey. Your guide helps you get settled, set intention, address any anxiety, do breathing exercises, all before you receive any psychedelic medicine and embark on your journey.

Iv Ketamine Infusion Therapy - Check in

4. Communication With the Clinical Team

You are never alone.
Your guide is there to communicate quickly and effectively with the
medical team to ensure your physical and emotional safety.

5. Dose Adjustments

Your guide will continuously assess the efficacy of your dose as well as ask you how the dose feels. If you’re not deep enough we can give you more; if it feels too intense, we can slow down or even stop the experience.

6. Guiding

Your guide is your interior guide. They are experienced and are very familiar with the terrain you’re traveling in. They can make suggestions and point you toward noteworthy aspects of your journey.

7. Smooth Landing

As you come down, your guide makes sure you are feeling supported and ready to reenter the world, physically and emotionally. Immediately after your infusion/treatment is an ideal time to share your reflections, be guided in meditation, or explore your  thoughts in a journal.

We’re ready to support you on your wellness journey!

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