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Heal. Grow. Thrive.

CIT Clinics provides comprehensive care for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD and chronic physical pain. We offer personalized care plans that combine cutting-edge IV Ketamine and nutrient infusions, with expert-guided psychedelic journeys, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and compassionate integration coaching.

It’s Time for a New Approach.

When you travel to a foreign land it is essential that you plan carefully and prepare yourself well.

Your healing journey is no different.

It involves powerful medicines and sacraments that command humility, respect and caution. This is both a clinical and spiritual journey.

You are going to sit in awe of the universe and be reminded of your innate capacity to heal, grow and thrive.

Image Name-CIT Clinics
Image Name-CIT Clinics

Our Philosophy. Your Journey.

We know the journey to sustained health and wellness is complex and personal, requiring an integrative approach and the sustained support of a community of experts.

Comprehensive Care

We treat the whole you - your brain, body and behaviors, to achieve lasting transformation.

Personalized Protocols

We meet you where you are and guide you through a compassionate healing process that is designed for your.

Multidisciplinary Team

Psychedelic medicine is powerful. Our community of world class medical staff, therapists, psychedelic guides, and integration coaches ensure the safest experience for you.

Our Services.

We provide you with the best medicines, most experienced clinicians, compassionate guides, skilled therapists and coaches, to support you on your healing journey.

Image Name-CIT Clinics
Image Name-CIT Clinics
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IV Ketamine & Nutrient Therapy

Personalized dosing and duration; adjusted to meet your needs each session.

psychotherapy-CIT Clinics

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy via therapists who are personally experienced and professionally trained to work with psychedelics.

Journeys-CIT Clinics

Guided Psychedelic Sessions

Compassionate and experience psychedelic guides ensuring your safety and maximizing your insights during your Ketamine sessions.

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Integration Coaching

Ongoing behavioral support to help keep you on your path to healing. Cultivate key life skills such as stress management, sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc.

IV Ketamine for Veterans.

Our IV Ketamine treatments are covered by TRICARE and VA insurance for veterans in Northern California.

CIT Clinics was founded by veterans with combat experience who understand the stress and rigors of military life. Our Veterans Care Agreement with the VA will cover treatments CIT Clinics provide to support veterans suffering from various health conditions.

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"I truly believe that treatments like these will change lives."

~ Joesph G, USAF

Our Approach is Unique.

We provide Comprehensive Care. This means we treat the whole you. Your brain. Your body. Your behaviors. We co-create a wellness plan with you and then guide you through your personal healing journey.

Image Name-CIT Clinics
Image Name-CIT Clinics

Your Journey is Personal.

How many psychedelic treatments? At what dose? How frequently? You are unique and your care protocols should be too. We create a personalized experience that takes into account your unique story, your life situation and your long term life goals. Then we hold your hand and guide you through your wellness journey.

Your Team.

Providing integrative care means you need the right kind of support at the right time. This is why we have assembled a diverse and multidisciplinary team of professionals, from physicians and psychiatrists to psychedelic guides, mindfulness teachers, psychotherapists, integration coaches and mindfulness teachers.

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We’re ready to support you on your wellness journey!

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