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Comprehensive care means focusing on the whole YOU.

This includes your brain, body and behavioral health

Comprehensive care means focusing on the whole YOU

Your brain, body and behavioral health.

Focusing on What Works

Combination Infusion Therapy (CIT) offers an effective alternative to conventional medicines and talk therapy because it is an integrative, holistic approach tailored to meet the needs of your brain, body and behaviors.

Brain Health

Ketamine and other medicines to calm your nervous system and activate self-directed neuroplastic changes.

Body Health

Nutrient and vitamin infusions to help your body feel more resilient and resourced.

Behavioral Health

Integration Coaching to improve your sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress management, relationships, self-care, etc.

Wellbeing - Our Approach

Achieving Sustained Wellbeing

Wellbeing is what happens when we combine positive daily behaviors with a mindset that is oriented towards self-love, self-respect and and self-care. Our approach is designed to help you cultivate the behaviors and mindset to help you feel resilient and resourced.

We’re ready to support you on your wellness journey!

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