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KAP Services for Non-Medical Providers

We provide clinical, legal, administrative and logistical support to licensed mental health providers wanting to provide KAP to their patients legally and safely.

KAP Services for Non-Medical Providers

We provide clinical, legal, administrative and logistical support to licensed mental health providers wanting to provide KAP to their patients legally and safely.

Why Use CIT Clinics To Provide KAP?

If you are trained and would like to provide KAP to your patients but don’t have a medical license, we can help.

We are set up to provide all aspects of the KAP experience - you can use our space, anesthesiologists, nurses and administrative staff. All you need to do is book your session and bring your patients to one of our clinics.

Let us handle all of the details so you can focus on your patient.

Benefits of Providing KAP At CIT Clinics


Your use of Ketamine is legal because administration is through CIT Clinic's medical license.


Treatments are safe because they are always administered by experienced, anesthesiologists, therapists and medical staff.


Your patients can receive medicines such as NAD+, Glutathione, Vitamins and minerals in conjunction with their Ketamine treatment.


Should a medical emergency arise, CIT Clinics medical staff is responsible for, and capable of, managing all medical emergencies.


You greatly reduce your legal/licensure exposure by providing KAP in a licensed medical facility.


Our spaces are specifically designed for KAP - comfortable recliners, cozy environment, blankets and pillows, audio and video/light shows, noise cancelling headphones.

Clare Johnson, MFT from Mill Valley, CA talks about her experience as a KAP therapist working with CIT Clinics.

KAP Admin

Intravenous medication administration has an extremely fast and predictable onset/offset. Unlike psychedelics that are ingested orally or injected intramuscularly, KAP providers find benefit in the predictable session durations of intravenous ketamine, allowing them to schedule multiple patients in a single day. As Anesthesiologists, we are familiar with facilitating fast turnover for our surgical colleagues and running multiple operating rooms. Imagine yourself scheduling multiple patients on a predictable schedule, as you move from one room to the next. Meanwhile, our CIT staff takes care of all pre/post infusion monitoring and patient care.   

You need a valid license to practice your specific specialty in the state of California. While not required, we also prefer you have completed some form of KAP training/certification. You will need to submit our KAP Provider Questionnaire prior to scheduling your first patient.

The appropriate/effective dose of Ketamine used during your patient’s KAP session is contingent on their prior experience with Ketamine and other psychedelic medicines. First-time patients are typically started at a dose of 0.5 mg Ketamine per kg of bodyweight. Since all of our KAP sessions are administered by experienced anesthesiologist MDs, we are able to customize the doses for each individual as well as from session to session. In fact, for some patients we will increase/decrease the dose during a treatment in order to provide the most impactful experience for the patient. Please be sure to discuss your session goals with the MDs so they can best support you.

Ketamine is a controlled substance and may only be prescribed and/or administered by a licensed medical provider. By providing KAP to your patients at CIT Clinics you are able to do so legally without yourself needing a medical license. All of our sessions are administered by experienced anesthesiologists thereby making the sessions safe, legal and hassle free.

Liability insurance, staff, room/office, cleaning, etc. are all provided for. You simply pay a prescribed fee based on KAP session duration and Combination Infusion Therapy medicines used. We handle all of the rest.

Your KAP session is fully supported by our clinical staff. We provide experienced anesthesiologists, nurses and other clinical support staff so your patient feels safe and you can focus on providing them the best KAP sessions

Treatment cost depends on the duration of the session and whether or not your patient wants other Combination Infusion Therapy medicines such as NAD+ and/or Glutathione in addition to Ketamine. For our standard Ketamine plus IV nutrients infusions you will be charged the following:

  • 45 minute session – $690
  • 60 minute session – $725
  • 90 minute session – $825
  • 120 minute session – $995

We can adjust the duration of your KAP session to any desired length of time. One of the benefits of administering Ketamine intravenously is that we can be very precise about both the dose and duration of the treatments. We can provide a 45 minute experience or a 4 hour experience. Studies indicate longer 4-hour sessions are for Chronic Pain management, while 1hr sessions are for mood disorders. Since every patient is different and every infusion experience is different, intravenous access allows us to personalize the treatment session from one treatment to the next. We have noticed that throughout the typical 6 infusion protocol (delivered over 2-3 weeks), patients are best served by adapting the treatment protocol to what they are experiencing on any given treatment day by adjusting the key variables of dose and duration.  

We can literally adjust the dose up or down within minutes. We routinely give patients boosters (boluses directly into their IV line to increase the dose) and/or turn down the intensity of the Ketamine. The impact of changes in IV doses are felt within 2-3 minutes of adjustment allowing us to precisely manage the patient experience. It is quite common for us to adjust the dose multiple times within a single session to give the optimal experience. 

Yes. You can offer your patients all of the benefits of Combination Infusion Therapy. In our experience, treating the whole patient – brain, body, and mind – is the best way to support their healing. If your patient is interested in receiving additional medicines during their KAP session, please discuss options with the CIT Clinics anesthesiologist administering treatments.

It will depend on mental health insurance and how patients are paying for their therapy visit, but as a medical clinic, providing a documented clinical procedure allows us to help patients submit reimbursable records to their insurance. Patients heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and O2 saturation are wirelessly monitored and recorded throughout. While we can’t guarantee reimbursement, we have found that being able to document the administration of several medicines (IV Nutrients, NAD+, etc.) within any given treatment for a multitude of diagnoses, dramatically increases the likelihood of it being viewed as a reimbursable procedure.

How It Works

We make it easy for you to provide KAP to your patients. Every legal, clinical, financial and logistical detail is handled by us so you can focus on your clients.


Fill Out The KAP Provider Questionnaire

Tell us about yourself and your practice by filling out the CIT Clinics KAP Provider Questionnaire. This typically takes no more than 5 minutes.


Schedule a Phone Consultation with CIT Clinics

After reviewing your information, we will call you to review your goals for providing KAP at CIT Clinics and discuss details to ensure a smooth start.


Sign The KAP Provider Agreement

After your phone intake with CIT Clinics you will be asked to review and sign the KAP Provider Agreement which spells out the legal and financial terms for providing KAP at CIT Clinics.


Schedule Your KAP Session

Once the KAP Provider Agreement has been signed you are ready to begin scheduling your sessions. Our staff will support you through all scheduling, administrative and clinical issues in order to ensure a smooth experience for you and your patient.

Provide Ketamine legally and safely to your clients at CIT Clinics.

Are You Ready To Begin Offering KAP To Your Patients?

  • Submit KAP Provider Questionnaire

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