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Explore. Plan. Live.

Explore. Plan. Live.

Integration Coaching

Why Integration Coaching?

Integration Coaching is a central component of our comprehensive care model. While most of our patients report feeling significantly better after their initial in-clinic treatments, some find it challenging to maintain this momentum over the long run.

Our unique approach to Coaching is specifically designed to ensure your continued wellbeing many months beyond your initial treatments.

Lisa Fischer

What is Integration Coaching?

We call the ability to live skillfully “Wellbeing”.

We call the process of getting there “Integration Coaching”.

Life has natural ups and downs; highs and lows. Some of us are closer to our wellbeing goals than others, but all of us can become increasingly skillful in how we live our lives. The key is to stay actively engaged in YOUR process - to keep walking your path -  so you keep getting better over time.

Most of us do better when we have professional support, structure and accountability; it increases the likelihood of success. Our Integration Coaches are here to help you hone your wellbeing skills (i.e. your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health) no matter where you currently stand. We’ll assess your needs, come up with a plan and help you pursue your vision.

Commitment & Practice.

Oftentimes, our thoughts and moods feel like the primary drivers of our behaviors (“I feel lethargic and depressed, so I’m not going to my exercise class.”). Sustained wellbeing, however, is about noticing the opposite - how much our behaviors influence our thoughts and moods (“After my workout I felt energized and clear for the rest of the day.”).

Behaviors such as physical activity, sleep, nutrition, social engagement, self-love and self care are the key determining factors to our long-term mental and physical wellbeing. When these behaviors are in balance, we are able to think clearly and feel consistently regulated and effective. When any of these key behaviors are out of balance, we suffer.

Our Integration Coaching program is designed to help you regain control over these foundational behaviors, because doing so means energy and vitality to live the best version of yourself -  without depression, anxiety and the risk of breakdowns and crises.

We Meet You Where You Are.

In our experience, the success of coaching is directly related to the energy and time commitment you are willing to make. Your needs are unique and your coaching program is designed to meet your needs by offering varying levels of support and flexibility. Your Coach recommends the following plans:

deep dive

Deep Dive - 4 Hours per Month

Ideal for Clients desiring a deep dive and a lot of support and engagement. This comprehensive deep dive includes identifying your values, creating your personal mission statement, setting goals, developing an action strategy and pathway to implement changes.  (You and your coach will collaborate on the best structure to support desired outcomes.)

  • 4 hours of Integration Coaching per month.
  • Weekly Wellbeing Assessment.
  • Flexible sessions to make the most out of your coaching needs (choose increments of 30, 45 or 60 minute 1:1 sessions). 
  • Coach is available for text and email exchanges twice weekly
  • Weekly support resources delivered to your inbox including relevant articles, videos or recorded meditations.
  • Access to CIT’s resource library

Habit Builder - 2 Hours per Month

Ideal for Clients wishing to develop practical wellbeing habits. This Habit Builder is designed to help you gain traction with new skills and behaviors and then sustain the momentum with ongoing Coaching support. Includes:

  • 2 hours of Integration Coaching per month.
  • Bi-Weekly Wellbeing Assessment.
  • Flexible sessions to make the most out of your coaching needs (choose increments of 30 or 60 minute 1:1 sessions). 
  • Coach is available for text and email exchanges once a week. 
  • Resources delivered to your inbox in between sessions including relevant articles, videos, or recorded meditations
habit builder

Maintenance - 1 Hour per Month

Ideal for Clients wanting steady accountability touch points to support desired outcomes. Recommended that Clients have either completed the Deep Dive or Habit Builder package or prior work with a therapist or coach focusing on values identification, and goal and skill development. Includes:

  • 1 hour of Integration Coaching per month.
  • Monthly Wellbeing Assessment.
  • Flexible sessions to make the most out of your coaching needs (choose increments of 30 or 60 minute 1:1 sessions).
  • Coach is available for email exchange between coaching appointments; limit 2x/month.

Touch Points - 30 Minutes per Month

Ideal for Clients feeling steady in their progress and wanting some ongoing, brief accountability touch points primarily via text messages. Includes:

  • 30 minutes of Integration Coaching per month.
  • Monthly Wellbeing Assessment.
  • Time to be divided into 15 or 30 minute sessions depending on Client needs and coaching objectives.
touch points
as needed

As-Needed Hourly Coaching

Ideal for Clients who enjoy the flexibility of increasing or decreasing their Coaching support as needed. Includes:

  • As many 1:1 60 minute Coaching sessions per month as needed.
  • Monthly Wellbeing Assessment.

How Does it Work?


1. Discovery Call & Introduction

Set up a video call with the coach of your choice and explore your goals and personal chemistry. Then, YOU decide which coach you would like to work with.

2. Select Your Coach

Coaching is a very personal process and requires good interpersonal chemistry. We will recommend a coach based on your needs or you can select a coach you feel will be a good match for you. 

3. Choose Your Coaching Plan

Depending on your need, you can sign up for coaching support ranging from 4 hours per month to just 30 minutes per month. Together, you and your coach will decide what is best for you at this time.

4. Coaching Intake

You’ll participate in an intake questionnaire; set goals and agree upon frequency and length of your coaching sessions.

happy person on phone

5. Schedule your Coaching Sessions

Our coaching program is designed to give you the flexibility you want. You can simply choose a 15, 30 or 60 minute session from your coach’s calendar.

6. Regular Video Meetings with your Coach

Successful Integration Coaching is all about structure and accountability. You and your Coach will get into a routine of calls, text messages and practices - all designed to help you make tangible progress on your path to wellbeing.

Meet our Integration Coaches

Jen Silvera - Integration Coaching

Jennifer Silvera, RN

By trade, Jen is a registered nurse (RN) and has been for over 20 years. She has practiced in the fields of emergency medicine, as well as hospice and mental health.  Jen is also an ERYT 500 with a YCAP designation and a meditation teacher certified with HPI. Grounded in both Eastern and Western modalities […]
Lisa Fischer - Integration Coaching

Lisa Fischer, MA, C.L.C, Mental Health Coach, RYT

Lisa is a professional, certified Life and Mental Health Coach. She is committed to empowering you to uncover and use your wisdom and self-inquiry to navigate uncertainty, develop goals and strategies to find meaning and purpose in your life. Lisa has 20+ years practicing as a coach working with diverse populations seeking help with daily stressors in […]

We’re ready to support you on your wellness journey!

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