Combination Infusion Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Pain

Comprehensive solutions for patients, clinicians and Providers of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in the San Francisco and Sacramento Areas

Effective Pain Relief

Combination Infusion Therapy for
depression, anxiety, PTSD, Migraines,
and Chronic Pain

Fast & Reliable Patient Referrals For Clinicians

When conventional pain management
strategies aren't working, we can help.

Comprehensive Services For KAP Providers

A-Z clinical, legal and administrative services for non-medical providers wanting to offer KAP

Our Origins

Whether your are a patient seeking treatment, a clinician wanting to make a referral, or a mental health provider wanting to offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, we are here to help. In this short video, CIT Clinics founder, Dr. Adam Tibble describes how his experience treating wounded soldiers for physical and emotional pain informs the Combination Infusion Therapy offered at CIT Clinics today.

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