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Position: Psychedelic Guide

About the Position

A psychedelic guide at CIT is someone who is a pillar in our client’s journey to achieve positive transformational outcomes, contributing to our mission of transforming lives and helping clients reach their goals and behavioral transformations. The role of the guide is to attend to the physical, personal, safety, and other interpersonal needs of participants, with full attention and open acceptance, while avoiding “care-taking”, psychoanalysis, fixing, labeling, diagnosing, or being distracted. 

We are looking for a psychedelic guide to help provide patient direction, safety, and security when working with psychedelic/altered states of consciousness.  Guides are equipped and trained with specific skills in case any challenges or obstacles arise along the way and are responsible for aiding patients in their preparation of their experience through “set” and “setting”.  Guides are familiar with the “territory” – the process of using psychedelics - to aid in mental health support by helping patients unlock powerful experiences or deeper truths while ensuring a safe journey. Guides help individuals move through transformative experiences, and are skilled in navigating with compassion, calmness and empathy or any other sensations that arise during the journey.


About CIT Clinics

CIT Clinics is the creator of Combination Infusion Therapy (CIT) - a novel, cutting edge approach to treating emotional and physical pain. We provide an integrated approach that combines neurotherapeutics (Ketamine), nutrient therapies (NAD+, Glutathione, vitamins) psychedelic assisted psychotherapy (KAP) and life skills coaching (mindfulness, habit coaching) to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, migraines, and chronic pain.  We have found that our evidence-based medical protocols combined with a highly personalized and compassionate hands-on approach have significantly higher success rates than most conventional treatments for physical and emotional pain.

Our team consists of American Board of Anesthesiology certified Anesthesiologists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Psychotherapists with training and experience in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, Psychedelic Guides and Life Coaches. Our protocols are based on the most current peer-reviewed literature as well as thousands of hours of first-hand patient interactions. We pride ourselves in providing truly integrative patient care and the most efficacious and compassionate treatment possible. Our clinics are designed to feel comfortable and cozy, while simultaneously maintaining the rigorous standards of a fully licensed medical clinic.

Job Responsibilities

  • Preparation of “set” and “setting” 
  • Facilitate patients journey into conscious awareness, with full presence and integrity toward the individual, informed by science and medicine. 
  • Provide security and comfort without intrusion, by establishing rapport and trust with the participant, and by maintaining an aesthetic, comfortable setting in which the participant feels safe. 
  • Engender human warmth and infuse the experience with a sense of groundedness.
  • Adhere to rigorous guidelines, and be knowledgeable about the specific medicine patients  are receiving.
  • Identify items to create an accountability system for new behaviors and practices that emerge.
  • Work as the liaison to the clinical team and coaching team to answer questions and concerns.
  • Document significant client interactions. 
  • Conduct post-infusion integration calls within 48 hours of each infusion.

Qualifications and Experience

  • A minimum of 1 year experience as a psychedelic guide OR  training in Consciousness Medicine and/or Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. 
  • Personal and professional experience with psychedelic-assisted therapies and mindfulness-based therapies are a plus.
  • Committed to your own healing journey.
  • Establish your relationship with plant based medicines.
  • Be willing to shadow and apprentice before guiding alone.

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