How many Ketamine treatments do I need?

If you meet the guidelines for Ketamine infusion therapy, you will begin with an Evaluation Treatment. This consists of a guided, 60-minute infusion during which we weill gently and carefully introduce your brain and body to Ketamine. The goal is to determine how well you tolerate the medicine both physically as well as emotionally. During the followup meeting (within 48 of your in-clinic session), we will recommend a care plan that is personalized to your needs. This plan typically includes several more ketamine infusions alongside a series of coaching sessions to help you integrate insights from the sessions. This journey typically takes 3 to 8 weeks and may involve 3 or more ketamine infusions. Every patient has different requirements and we tailor every care plan based on our patients’ symptoms, tolerance of Ketamine, level of engagement with coaching, etc.

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