Why would I want to offer my patient medicines other than Ketamine?

We’ve found that pretty much every patient that comes to us for mental health issues (mood disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD) is also incredibly fatigued and physically run down. They struggle to find a foothold with their mental health in part because they are physically depleted from chronic stress. Adding NAD+, Glutathione, Vitamins C & B complexes to their treatments gives them a considerable physiological boost and allows them to really capitalize on the efficacy of the Ketamine experience. Our success rate is 85-90% in terms of patients experiencing a noticeable positive shift in their motivation, resilience and capacity to engage with their mental health issues. In addition, other medications, like Magnesium Sulfate, can work synergistically with Ketamine. The science, peer reviewed literature, and explanations regarding Combination Infusion Therapy likely entail an additional conversation if you are interested. Suffice to say, the benefits, experience, and protocols you have access to via our clinic is not something found at a “regular Ketamine Clinic.”. And, of course, all additional CIT Medications are discussed with providers and patients prior to administration.  

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