Insurance Reimbursement

“Do you take insurance?” is an extremely common question we encounter at CIT Clinics. 

We hope that mainstream insurance eventually covers this life-changing therapy.  Unfortunately, for now, the situation is more complicated. All of our treatments are considered out-of-network, and we require full payment in advance of each treatment. Some insurance companies provide partial, or even full reimbursement, after your deductible is met. Please note that we cannot guarantee recovery of any portion of the treatment costs. We recommend that you contract with an independent reimbursement specialist to help you navigate your insurance carrier’s process, thereby increasing the chances of receiving any reimbursement. Medical Bill Gurus performs these functions on your behalf. Upon your request/permission, we can also securely share your records and a “superbill”.  It is important to recognize that most patients will see significant reimbursement only after an approximate $5000 deductible is met. Also important to note is that CIT Clinics does not have any financial relationship with these outside companies.  

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