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15 Minutes of Positivity

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What is it?

15 Minutes of Positivity (15 MOP) is a free online practice group hosted by our co-founder Oli Mittermaier, MS. We spend the first five minutes exploring a neurohabit: behaviors that help rewire our brains for positivity. Then, we spend the rest of the session putting it to practice through guided reflection, providing you with calmness and grounding to take on the rest of your day.

It’s the perfect balance of neuroscience and spirituality to build a sustainable foundation for your wellbeing! This is a safe space to learn, practice, and grow together.

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Our foundational pillars

🧠 Mindfulness: Becoming fully immersed in the present moment without passing any judgment

🔍 Attention training: Shifting our focus onto obtainable goals while letting go of things we can’t control

🗒️ Journaling: Channeling our thoughts and feelings using a pen and paper to empty our awareness

🙏 Gratitude: Being thankful for things we take for granted, no matter how small they may seem

🏆 Resilience: Preparing for challenging periods in life by learning practical skills to store in our back pockets

Why does it work?

We are what we repeatedly do! It all comes down to neuroplasticity.

Your brain constantly forms, reinforces, and unlinks connections between neurons as you repeatedly engage in behaviors throughout the day. This process is called neuroplasticity. This happens all the time, without us even being conscious of it. 

The good news is that you can steer this process by engaging in self-directed neuroplasticity: intentionally activating the neural networks involved in positive experiences. Of course, this isn’t done by hand-picking the pathways ourselves, but rather practicing behaviors that consequently strengthen these connections. Remember: rewiring our brains is only possible through constant repetition – which is why our group meets every single day.

Don’t worry, we know this is a lot of neuroscience to take in all at once! This is why, during each session, Oli makes sure to break down any complicated concepts into bite sized pieces so that anyone can understand why they work and how to use them.

Who is it for?

Everyone is welcome! We want this to be a safe and accepting environment that anyone can participate in. That’s why we made it free so you can give it a try yourself, no strings attached.

For our patients

Make the most out of your treatments – whether you just had your first or last infusion. Ketamine makes your brain more plastic making it easier to build new pathways and neurohabits. These guided practice sessions guarantee that take full advantage of the neurobiological changes activated by your Ketamine treatments.

For newcomers

No matter where you are in your mental health journey, these sessions are a great way to add a daily boost to your wellbeing. We intentionally timed it at noon so you can spend a few minutes at the beginning of your lunch break practicing life changing positive habits and desired behavior changes.

When and how to join?

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Every Monday - Friday at 12PM PST via Google Meet.

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