What is BR NAD+? How is it different from other forms of NAD+?

CIT Clinics are pleased to offer BR+NAD-Brain Restoration Plus, the highest quality NAD+ formulation available from the only manufacturer in the world certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  We are endorsed providers of this pure product that produces the best and most consistent results.  Our board-certified physicians have been trained and certified by the founders of the first clinic to offer NAD+ therapy in the country, Richard Mestayer, M.D. and Paula Norris, M.Ed. of the Springfield Wellness Center.

****Please be careful of other products marketing themselves as NAD****

NAD+, NADH and NR (Nicotinamide Riboside) are not the same. Although NAD+ plays a role in the same pathway as NADH and NR, there are certain NAD+ consuming reactions where only NAD+ can be utilized. In these reactions, NADH and NR are not effective. While NADH and NR are less expensive than NAD+, the positive effects are not nearly as potent as NAD+. BR+NAD and our REAL NAD+ tablets are the purest forms of NAD+ available.

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