Ketamine for Depression

Source: Rosemary Black, Psycom

Molly Shea, 29, a veterinary technician, first learned about ketamine from a co-worker. Molly had been struggling with depression since seventh grade when she was relentlessly bullied at school. She had been counseled by numerous therapists and psychiatrists, tried a variety of traditional antidepressants, and been in and out of in-patient and intensive treatment facilities over the years. Molly had developed panic attacks and gone through periods of suicidal thoughts and self-harming. “I was at the point of considering ECT (electroconvulsive therapy – a form of neurostimulation involving electrical impulses) because nothing was helping me and we were running out of options.” When she asked her psychiatrist about ketamine, he put her in touch with Dr. Levine who started Molly’s treatments in August.  “I am feeling the best I have felt since all my depression began. I’m coping with life much better than I was,” Shea says. 

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