John H. Krystal, Chadi G. Abdallah, Gerard Sanacora, Dennis S. Charney, Ronald S. Duman

Published online: 6 March 2019 |


Ketamine is the first exemplar of a rapid-acting antidepressant with efficacy for treatment-resistant symptoms of mood disorders. Its discovery emerged from a reconceptualization of the biology of depression. Neurobiological insights into ketamine efficacy shed new light on the mechanisms underlying antidepressant efficacy.

The rapid, profound, and sustainable anti-depressant effects of ketamine seem poised to transform the treatment of depression, while mechanisms through which it may work are overturning the received wisdom regarding the underlying neurobiology.

Keywords: ketamine, depression, suicidal thoughts, Krystal


 Image Name  - Ketamine: A Paradigm Shift for Depression Research and Treatment


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