Approach to Comprehensive Care for Depression, Anxiety and PTSD


Director of Patient Care & CEO of CIT Clinics shares "About Comprehensive Care for Depression, Anxiety and PTSD"

If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression or PTSD you’re probably also feeling physically exhausted, depleted and run down. Similarly, if you are suffering from chronic physical pain, you are most likely also feeling emotionally drained, anxious and even depressed. The connection between our mental and physical health is real and complex and in order to heal we need to take a comprehensive approach that supports the health of your brain, body and behaviors.


The primary medicine used to improve your brain function is Ketamine. Since the 1960s, Ketamine has been used as a safe and reliable anesthetic in operating rooms all over the planet. Since then countless research studies have shown that for many people suffering from treatment resistant anxiety, depression and PTSD, Ketamine offers a fast-acting alternative to conventional medicines and therapies. 


In order to improve your body’s health and resilience, we provide you with intravenous vitamins, minerals, glutathione and sometimes NAD. By administering these medicines intravenously alongside Ketamine, our patients report feeling more energetic, better able to focus and generally more motivated to stay engaged in their healing process. 

Behavioral Health

In our experience, the most useful measure of wellbeing is found in the quality and consistency of daily behaviors such as good sleep, nutrition, physical activity, emotional resilience, connection with family and friends, meaningful work and so forth. While most of our patients report feeling significantly better after their initial in-clinic treatments, in order to ensure that these gains are sustained in the months and years to come, our integration coaches provide behavioral support throughout your treatment journey.

In Summary

Comprehensive Care means supporting the whole you. By integrating treatments for your brain, body and behaviors over a consistent period of time we provide the best chances for healing depression, anxiety and PTSD and helping you re-engage with a life filled with love, meaning, and purpose.


Want to learn more?

If you would like to explore whether or not Ketamine may be an appropriate treatment for you, please set up a free 30-minute consultation with a CIT Clinics Patient Care Coordinator.

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