Why CIT Clinics?


Director of Patient Care & CEO of CIT Clinics shares "Why CIT Clinics"

One of the questions I get asked frequently by patients is “Why CIT Clinics?  What makes CIT special or different from other providers such as Ketamine clinics, at-home ketamine lozenge delivery services, or simply doing intramuscular ketamine injections at your therapists office. 

I’d like to take a few minutes to share some aspects of our comprehensive care approach that we believe contribute to a truly unique patient experience.

Combination Infusion Therapy

One of the key features of our comprehensive care model is what we call Combination Infusion Therapy - hence our name - CIT Clinics. Combination Infusion Therapy refers to the fact that we enhance your ketamine infusions by adding in other compounds such as vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, vitamin C, Glutathione, magnesium, and sometimes NAD. Our patients generally report feeling physically better when they receive adequate hydration and these other compounds, boosting their energy and resilience to tackle their mental health challenges. Magnesium in particular has been shown in some studies to augment ketamine at the receptor site thereby positively impacting the production of Glutamate. Also, we may recommend NAD, which has been shown to be beneficial in patients over the age of 35. I like to say that it acts a little bit like an internal antiaging agent, as it is vital in the creation of energy or ATP for every cell in the body, as well as being involved in DNA repair. For most patients NAD is a rather uncomfortable infusion, with feelings of abdominal discomfort and sensations of pressure in their chest and throat. Infusing ketamine alongside NAD really helps reduce the discomfort allowing patients to receive high doses of NAD in 1 hour time frame as opposed to 4 or more hours.

Guided Psychedelic Sessions

Many of our patients are new to psychedelics and understandably feel a bit nervous and anxious about the experience. This is why we provide guides, coaches and licensed therapists to support you during your infusions. First-time patients often describe their infusion experience as  intense, free flowing, and ephemera. This is where an experienced psychedelic guide or therapist can really support and guide you to self reflect and make sense of this consciousness expansion journey. 

Continuity of Care

Finally, we value comprehensive care and continuity of care. We don’t view the treatment process as simply being a number of procedures where you come into the clinic for the infusion and then go home without follow up and/or integration coaching. We are invested in your healing journey both during your sessions in the clinic, as well as on the days in between your infusions. We know from experience that this collaborative, comprehensive care approach results in the most sustainable results.

In Summary

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD and even chronic pain, please do not hesitate to set up a free phone consultation to explore whether or not this approach may be appropriate for you. We look forward to supporting you in any way we can.


Want to learn more?

If you would like to explore whether or not Ketamine may be an appropriate treatment for you, please set up a free 30-minute consultation with a CIT Clinics Patient Care Coordinator.

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