Rick Scott PhD – Working with Ketamine and Psychedelics


Psychotherapist Rick Scott PhD talks about the benefits of psychedelics and Ketamine in helping his clients reach their full potential.

They've exhausted talk therapy, talked the brains out they're done with that, they've done somatic experience maybe they've done EMDR, right they're branching out this is just like the next step in evolving our consciousness moving beyond separateness, and pain.

Mdma, Ketamine, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, moving into these types of medicines is really pushing the evolution of our consciousness forward. I have a Ph.D. in psychology, a Master's, and a Specialist degree in counseling and I've been doing it for 30 years. Less separateness more connectedness, so that's what these substances are really doing, both connection to self beyond the pain that we carry conditioned pain which everybody has and then more connected with the world. So that's what I primarily you know that's my orientation and so a lot of people are using it to expand their consciousness not because they're depressed or they're anxious or they have some mental illness most of the time I mean I think it's expanding well beyond that already and a lot of people in my practice that's what they're looking for. You can't really do that in your office, you know you don't have that kind of staff necessarily. I think it's probably if you're starting out you want to be fully supported, I wouldn't do it with somebody one-on-one first not for a while.

In Summary

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD and even chronic pain, please do not hesitate to set up a free phone consultation to explore whether or not this approach may be appropriate for you. We look forward to supporting you in any way we can.


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If you would like to explore whether or not Ketamine may be an appropriate treatment for you, please set up a free 30-minute consultation with a CIT Clinics Patient Care Coordinator.

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